The succes of life depends on our friend mother fathers and oue loved ones who makes us in high level and make proud on us.

There are many ways to succeed the life.some of the ways are as follows-
1-Stop blaming others and making excuses. It really doesn’t make a difference if the problems in your life were caused by someone else. It really doesn’t matter if circumstances in your life make it difficult or almost impossible for you to succeed. You are the only person you can rely on to fix your problems. If you want things to be better, you have to make them better.
2-Stop procrastination-
Don’t keep telling yourself that you will go back to school next year or that you’ll study tomorrow or that you’ll apply for that job next week. Putting things off is a sure-fire way to make sure things don’t get done or get done poorly. Tackle problems and tasks early, to give yourself more time to do them properly and excel at what you do.
Build your skills. Study hard in school and then spend the rest of your life dedicated to becoming better and better at whatever you do. Being good at what you do is the surest way to succeed and create circumstances in which you can better your life.Take extra classes and training once you’ve settled into a career to refresh your skills and learn the latest techniques and practices.Practice job skills outside of work and use the internet to find helpful techniques and tricks.Talk to the masters to get helpful advice and learn from their experience.