Everyone will have some favourite game.My favourite game is hockey.It is also our national game.The game of hockey is the most interesting to me.I owe my spirit for  football to my father.He was a very good hockey player.I never miss an evening game hockey in the school ground.It will be my favourite game throughout my life.When there are tournaments and matches in any game like football,cricket I used to enter the stadium and sit there for the whole time.If it is hockey i am unable to get out of stadium at intervals.
My favorite game
Everyone has a talent and specialty in each field whatever it is there is also a specialty in games. I'm special in basketball though I don;t get to play it always I really practice hard and maintain my schedule for it. As a student I know my responsibility is studying and learning but because I need to concentrate in both fields of work I get disturbed. My coach told me I would have to choose between them. I chose what I should that was playing basketball though I study as well as I play I give more time to basketball. Like I said everyone is special in his or her field no matter whatever it is. 

well I don't play basketball!!! just made it up!!! please mark it as the best!!!!