Your younger sister has a habit of not switching off the lights and fans when sheleaves a room. You are very concerned about the environment and want to convinceher to change her habit. Write a dialogue where you share your views on conservingelectricity. Give her some information about how much her efforl would help. Takeabout ten turns.



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Your sister Zara has finished doing homework and then u come to her and then...........
you- Zara you have finished your homework
Zara- Yes Di I have. 
Lets go and sleep
Then she walks without switching off the lights and fans
you- Zara come here!
Zara- What happened Di!
you- Why did not switch off the lights?
Do you know how important electricity is?
If there will be no electricity then what will you do?
Zara- Huh Di leave it
you- No Zara you are becoming very careless u do not know the importance of electricity Electricity is really a important thing for us and we should never waste it and always conserve
Now promise you will never waste electricity and always conserve
Zara- Yes Di you are correct I promise I will never do like this again 
Then she switches off the lights and fans and goes to sleep