1.Write a story using these outlines -

A good boy - disobeys his parents - gets into bad company - father gives him some good apples - tells him to lay them aside for a few days - places a rotten apple among them - the rotten apple spoils the good ones - a lesson on bad company.
Give a moral and a suitable tittle .

2.You have just returned from a visit to a hill station. Write a letter to your friend telling him/her why they should also visit the place.

3.You are the head boy/head girl of your school/collage. Make an appeal to all the students to celebrate Diwali without fire works this year and donate the money to an orphanage, In above 50 words.

4. Re-arrange the following words to form meaningful sentence -
birthday/ Mark/ give/ you?/ present/ when/ his/ will

5.Frame sentences using the words given below -
a. Panch
b. Friendship
c. Christmas
d. Barn
e. Gift
f. Mole
g. Allowance
h. Tight-spot
i. Famine

we have to answer the whole???
its really very big can i answer the 1st and the 4th
i wll tell the answer later i have some work
You may answer what you can but please answer .



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This is a very long question.  Also, why is so much space empty from the beginning to the end of question ?

Since 4 and 5  are not answered in the earlier answer, I will do that to help you.

4) When will you give Mark his birthday present ?

a. Panch ?  Is there such a word?    Perhaps it is Parch :  
        It is too hot today. I have worked very hard with out a break. I am parched. I really need an energy drink.

b. Friendship: 
       Friendship is a boon to good friends. Friendship is easy to talk about, but not easy to maintain and hold.

c. Christmas
       Usually in the West people spend their holidays with their families during Christmas.   Christmas is a festival for the children of the world, sans frontiers.

d. Barn
         In villages the owners of cattle keep their cattle, tools and grass in the barn. They milk the cattle in the barn by themselves.

e. Gift
           It is a nice feeling to receive gifts from some one we love.  Our life is the best gift of God to us.

f. Mole
         I have a mole on my right shoulder.  He is a mole in the group.

g. Allowance
          My father gives me an allowance of Rs 500 per month for my petty expenses.

h. Tight-spot
            I did not do my home work in time. That put me in a tight-spot today.  My investments did not give me enough yield as I expected. So I am in a tight-spot now.

i. Famine
          We face a famine in Telangana every alternate year or so, due to bad climate.

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A Lesson to Learn : Once there was a good boy named James. He was a good boy and never refused to his parents. The family of three had shifted to a new place. At school, James fell into bad company. When his parents came to know about it, his father gave him three good apples. He told James to put them aside on his bedside table. All of the apples remained good for many days. One night, James' father added a rotten apple to the good ones. In the morning, when James saw the apples, he understood the message. He immediately broke up with his bad friends and made new good ones. : If you fall into bad company, you will turn into a bad person.
  Dear Ayesha,              Hello and how are you? Recently, I visited Ooty. It was a wonderful place. You must visit it. The beautiful sceneries, the cold wind and altitudes. It was a blast! Our school closed on the 21st of September. We left on the 24th. We went by train. It was a long journey and we reached Ooty the next day. We stayed there for about a week. We visited the hills. We even climbed one. The view was spectacular. We had lunch at five star inns. It was a beautiful place. Okay, I'm running out of time now. So bye for now. Hope to hear from you soon.
                                                                 Yours lovingly, AlishaTo all the students of St. Teresa's,                   This year Diwali has arrived. Diwali is very exciting due to the rangolis, ghee sweets and most importantly, fireworks. But as we all know, lighting firecrackers pollute the air we breathe in. So it is our duty to see towards the lighting of fireworks and the pollution of air. Fireworks also produce noise pollution. This year, this Diwali can be a bit more good. Instead of fun for us, the fun of younger children, will make you feel better. So instead buying crackers with your Diwali allowance, donate the amount to an orphanage. You'll feel very good about yourself.                                                                        Your head girl, Alisha      When will you give Mark his birthday present?   
Punch : Terence said that if Derek did not listen to him, he would punch him.Friendship : Friendship is a very strong bond.Christmas : This Christmas, I want a nice storybook from Santa Claus.Barn : That barn is painted green and red.Gift : This year, I don't want a birthday gift.Mole : It was bigger and darker than a normal freckle, but it wasn't a mole and certainly didn't have a hair sticking out from it.Allowance : This year, my allowance is doubled because of my good marks. Tight spot : When I get myself into a tight spot, I shoot myself out of it.Famine : Uttarakhand had recently suffered from famine.
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