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yes there is a confusion over our laws. for example, police are not following the rules and are not strict enough to stop corruptions, robbery cases and others. where as in IAS, they are not moving strict but giving permission to all dig for sand and minerals, co-operating the thieves of ores etc. come to SCERT board of AP, they are not  conforming the model paper pattern of 10th board exam. these arise due to confusion of laws.
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1)the chapters on which law can be made are divided in central list only.
2)the central list only the central government can make law on the central list only.
3)the state government can make the law on the state list.
4)both the central government and the state government can make law on the concurrent list.
5)however,incase where a state make a law contradictory only the central law will be valid.
in america the judiciary of the central are distinct and seperate in india and telangana.
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