Though a rise of 2° C in average temperature may appear to be small , it would result in a rise of one meter in sea levels by nearly next century.This would affect large proportions of our coastal areas and millions of people would have to be shifted. They would loose their livelihood. Nearly 200 sauatter families living in Nonandaga in east kolkata fot tge past few years are in the pricess if being evicted by the kolkata metropolitan development authority(KDMA). Many of the families camevto kolkata in search of work, after the Alia supet cyclone ravagedvsunderbans in2009. The otherveffect would be on rainfall. This is likely to be more erratic and lead to greater imbalances: some places are likely tovreceive excessvrainfall whereasvotherscwould get lesscthan normal . Hence droughts and floods are expected to increase. This would greatly effectvthe agriculture pattern and people's livelihood. The faster melting of Himalayan glaciers would disturb the livelihood of fresh water fisher folk as their natural habitat of fish is affected. Climate change is something that happens at global level. Therefore, it affects all of us