The French society is divided into three estates. namely, the first , second and the third.
A conflict emerged between the Parliament and the King.  On 5th May, 1789, the King called the people of three Estates to Versailles palace where he would pass his proposals for new taxes.  The first and second Estates sent 300 representatives each whereas the Third Estate sent 600 representatives. Members of the third estate demanded the democratic principle of voting. The King rejected the proposal. The third estate people walked out from the Assembly. On 20th June, 1789 they assembled in the hall of an indoor tennis court in the grounds of Versailles. They declared themselves as a national assembly and swore not to disperse till they had drafted a constitution for France that would limit the powers of the monarch. A severe winter hit the crops while the national assembly was busy drafting the constitution. After sp ending long hours in the queue, the women would not get the bread. They stormed into the shops. At the same time, the king ordered troops to move into Paris. On 14 th July, the agitated crowd destroyed the Bastille jail. The King accepted the proposal of the third estate. Louis XVI was executed. On the night of 4th August 1789, the Assembly passed a decree abolishing the feudal system. Members of the clergy were forced to give up their privileges. France became a constitutional monarchy. They had also created some rights for them which is known as the “the declaration of rights of man and citizen”.  
this lead to the societal changes.
if you want the full informarion about the french revolution, see the full version of the attached document prepared by me,.
So how they are responsible for societal changes?
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The french society was divided into three estates-first ,second and third.Only first and second estates were considered the upper and were given privileges.The third estate was neglected and all the taxes were paid by them.One of the main effect of French revolution was equality between the people.The estate system was abolished in France.French revolution has given the ideas of liberty ,equality and fraternity to the world.Also slavery system was abolished .
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