Nightmares are the worst experience of one's life. Even though they are dreams they continue to haunt us.
Once upon a time, I and my cousin went to a park. Over there was a river which was deep. Our parents disagreed but we insisted on staying at the bank and made our parents agreed.
We were driving our boat when suddenly we heard a light roar under the water. We couldn't understand anything and were enjoying. Then by mistake the oar my cousin was holding slipped out of the hand. He bent down to take it out then we noticed that something black in color was open. 
Then to my horror, I noticed what it was!! A CROCODILE!!! My cousin at once tried to back out his hand but the crocodile's mouth grasped close on his hand, blood oozed out. He cried in pain, I couldn't guess what to do.! Then I took courage and hit the crocodile strongly on his mouth with my oar to let go. The crocodile left but in anger smashed his tail against the boat. We toppled off and fell in water...
Then I got up as it was going enough.

® this dream was actually thought by me.

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