Fresh water lakes provide the nutritional requirement for worlds poorest people. kolleru lake is the largest fresh water lake in India existing between west godavari and krishna districts of andhra pradesh.the catchment area of this lake is 6121 square km. this lake discharges excess water in to bay of bengal through a channel called upputeru. which is 65 km long. kolleru wetland receives huge quantity of nutrient rich sediments from flood plains of the rivers. 193 varieties of birds and flora and fauna are found in here. 20,00,000 migratory birds from north america migrates here. but now a days this beautiful lake is getting polluted because of anthropogenic global warming. 
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Kolleru lake is the largest fresh water lake and is located in A.P.kolleru is located between krishna and godavari delta and covers an area of 308km.the lake serves as a natural flood -balancing reservoir for these two rivers.the lake is fed directly by water from the seasonal budameru and tammileru strems,and is connected to krishna and godavari systems by over 68 inflowing drains and support the livelihood of fisher man and riparian population in the area