21•9•14A few days ago, me and Aisha had gone to the local village. We noted down the underprivileged developments and educational state. We found out that compared to other countries, India was the least rural area developed country. So then we went to the village incharge and talked to them...

Me : Good morning. Actually we both are from the city right next to here. We're social workers. We work towards the welfare of our country and it's culture. So, let me come to the point. When we were moving around, the local people were hitting and kicking the poor children. And when we tried to stop them, they started insulting both the kid and me. We do not want such ill cultured person in our country. Incharge : We are lucky to have such people in our country who at least think about the respect of our country.Me : Thank you. Anyways, then, I saw the houses were very under developed. If any natural disaster occurs, these houses can break apart. And the poor people will become homeless.Incharge : Go on...Me : And lastly, you must be knowing that education is now the fundamental right of every single child. But here there are many such, or I can say, that all of the children here have not been given the privilege of going to a good school and getting educated.Incharge : Okay ma'am, we will look into it. By the time you visit this poor village again, all of your wishes for the welfare of this place will be fulfilled.Me : Thank you so much!
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