Impact of climate change on India
There are many problems that are faced by people of India like corruption, black money, pollution, global warming etc.
All these problems are caused by human beings. they cut forests for their own profits . These causes a problem. The problem is increase of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which causes a climatic change that is global warming.
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government problems means people problems
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co2 did not cause problem for people carbon monoxide is the only problem
Due to the effects of global warming in the south asia leads to change in climate of india.Thick haze and smoke, originating from burning biomass in northeastern India and air pollution from large industrial cities in northern India, often concentrate inside the ganga. Prevailing westerlies carry aerosols along the southern margins of the steep-faced Tibetan Plateau to eastern India and the Bay of Bengal. Dust and black carbon, which are blown towards higher altitudes by winds at the southern faces of the Himalayas, can absorb shortwave radiation and heat the air over the Tibetan Plateau. The net atmospheric heating due to aerosol absorption causes the air to warm and convect upwards, increasing the concentration of moisture in the mid-troposphere and providing positive feedback that stimulates further heating of aerosols.