The activities by humans are both positive and negative.
Building dams,harvesting water,planning irrigation,supplying piped water to far off places,developing forest land for agricultural purpose,maintaing land as green lungs, and so on. The list is endless

De-forestation, making way for concrete jungles.
Spilling oil in deep waters thereby killing marine life and subjecting lives to disaster
Neglecting forest land and burning them for woods and other liveihood.
Pumping in toxic waste in sea from industries,which ruin agriculture

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Impact of human activities on environment.
Human Activities=Cutting of forests(deforestation)
2.Creating pollution
3.Don't using good fuels in their vehicles such  as :C.N.G(Compressed Natural Gas).
4.Farming in a wrong way. It causes removal of top soil that is the fertile soil.

All these harms our environment where we live. It pollute our environment and destroying it.

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