There are many problems due to the sand mining.
the water in the rivers are flows through village which may be effect the people.
loss of life and property.
the sand mining is an illegal thing.

river water is used for irrigation
sand mining in the river makes the place is more comfortable for irrigation
the sand is used to level the river.
the sand are used to grow crops.
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- sand mining should be prohibited in the local rivers.
- the sand carried by the rivers carry alluvium which is helpful in agriculture.
- the rivers carry rich alluvial soil which is good for growing crops.
- if sand mining is done, then the richness of the soil decreases which is dangerous for the farmers.
- this makes the soil loose and also causes floods.
- bit the waste deposits in the river should be clean so that the  water levels of the rivers remains unchanged.
- in many rivers, sand mining is prohibited but many don't take it seriously.
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