prepare a boi sketch on Rabindranath Tagore :

birth: may 7,1861
place of birth: jorasanko, kolkata
mother: sarada devi
education: at home
literacy career: started composing poems at early age. His poems regularly appeared in Bharati, a bengali literary magazine, he wrote novels , musical plays and essays .

Nobel prize: for Geetanjali (a collection of poems) in 1913
death; 1941



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Rabindranath tagoore the writer of national anthem of india was born on may 7,1861 injorasanko at kolkata .his mother saradha devi a poet in kolkata .tagoore started his early education at home.he started composing poems at the early stage.his mother was his role model for writing poets.his poems were regularly appeared in bharati,an bengali literacy magazine.he wrote many novel in the bengali language.
he plays music and write more and more essays on indian culture.he was awarded nobel prise for the novel geetanjali.geetanjali is a collection of poems he awarded the prize in 1913.his life came to an end athe age of 80 in 1941. 
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