‘To thine own self be true’ is a line mentioned by William Shakespeare. It means to remain true to yourself.Truthfulness is the basic quality of life. It also determines the character of a person. Many persons make mistakes however some are strong enough to face it and confess. Sometimes people are scared of the consequences or outcome of their mistakes and keep it to themselves. In this way they are cheated and hurt from inside by their conscience.A person who remains true to himself/herself always leads a life of happiness and satisfaction because they know they have committed mistakes and are pardoned for that. If he/she doesn't confess then it remains as a burden on their heart and they will never be good enough to get rid of it.If anyone does not remain true in his talks then it is considered bad. There is a famous saying, ”One who remains true to himself, his mistakes shall be pardoned”.  If a person remains true to himself/herself it prevents him/her from committing any mistakes in day after and if he doesn't then the conscience will keep on realizing them and will not let their mind rest at peace.