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American revolution took place during 1775 and 783 - 8 years nearly.

George Washington

     He was commander-in-chief of American revolutionary army. He opposed the Stamp act. He called for boycott of English goods. He had the opinion that the acts passed by the British after Boston tea party were wrong and it was the invasion of British on the rights of American people.   He led Americans against the British forces. He planned various strategies along with the continental congress. He organized and trained the revolutionary army.He was identified with the revolution - the main person.

John Adams

He opposed slavery. He enlightened people and authored many writings. He was an advocate. He represented Massachussets in continental congress. He urged the congress to declare American Independence and drafted its declaration. He negotiated peacefully with the British. He denounced the Stamp act.

Benjamin Franklin

He was multi-talented. He was an an author, political theorist, diplomat and statesman among other things.He fought against the Stamp act. of the British. He got support from the French to fight against the British. 

Thomas Paine

He anonymously published in 1776 the pro-independence monograph - called Common sense. It was addressed to the people of America. He aroused resentment in the public against british crown using the pamphlets called "Common sense ". He also published "the Americal Crisis" pamphlets to inspire people to fight the British.


French Revolution   1789 to 1800 year  - 11 years

Thomas Paine

He wrote pamphlet "Rights of Man" in 1791. and spead it among people. He criticized French rulers and defended the revolution. He attacked the British writers. He was also elected to French national Convention.  He voted for the French republic. He condemned Nepoleon.

Charles Alexandre de calonne

     French statesman and a lawyer. he was involved in the revolution. 

Claire Lacombe

    She was an actress. She founded the society of Revolutionary Republic Women.  She participated in the storming of the Tuileries. She was awarded for her bravery during the fight. She was with the radicals of the revolution. She worked for the elimnation of the anti-revolutionaries.  

Theresa Tallien

She had participated in the revolution. She was a social figure. She helped her husband in the revolution. She was interested in liberalism and the principles of the french revolution. 

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

He supported the anti-clericalism of the revolutionaries. He assisted them. He participated in writing the Declation of the rights. 

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