Combine the following pair of sentences into complex sentence by changing the sentences in bold into adjective,adverb and noun clauses
1.Ramesh stood first in the examination.He is my neighbour
2.We visited porbandat.Gandhiji was born there
3.The man is a painter.You met him yesterday.
4.The match could not be played.It rained heavily.
5.The bell rang.the children rushed out of the classes
6.we were caught in the rain.We were going to school
7You are not careful.You will cut your finger
8.He knew this.He had made a mistake
9.He would be absent.He said this
10.He is honest.This is known to everybo9dy



1.My neighbour Ramesh stood first in the examination.
2.Porbandar is the place where Gandhiji was born.
3.The man whom you met yesterday was a painter.
4.It rained heavily so the match could not be played.
5.As the bell rang the students rushed out of their classes.
6.While we were going to school we were caught in the rain.
7.if you are not careful you will cut your finger.
8. he knew that he had made a mistake.