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See 2nd diagram for slope.
Plot a graph.  Take two points A and B on the straight line, which are intersecting the horizontal and vertical rules of the graph. Find the x and y values of A and B.

slope = (y value of B - y value of A ) / (x value of B - x value of A)

2) see the first diagram.  

3)  First measure the horizontal distance D from the foot the object. Set up the clinometer carefully on a stick or platform at a height.  Now use clino meter. Align the slope of the clino meter to see that the top of the object is in line with the inclination.  Measure the angle Ф of the clinometer. Now,
       height = D tan Ф 

Same way the clinometer be adjusted to view the bottom of the object.  Measure the angle β.  So the depth below horizon =  D tan β.

Add the height and depth to get height of the distant object.