Mass of the person is 60 kg 
weight will be 600N(taking g=10m/s²)
the area of cross section=180cm²=0.018m²×2=0.036cm²
pressure(P) is given by:
P=600/0.036=16666.67 Pa
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ok tell me one thing....if u already know the answer then why do u post these qeustions.??
the area under 1 foot is 180 cm2 and under 2 feet is 360 cm2.I hope u haven't considered the person 2 b standing on 1 foot.
Weight of the person=60 kg=600 N (Taking 1 kg≈10 N)(approx.)
Area under 1 foot=180 cm²
Area under 2 feet=180*2 cm²=360 cm²
360 cm²=360/10000 m²=0.036 m²
Pressure=Force/Area N/m² 
= 600/0.036 N/m²
=16666.66666666666... N/m² 
Ans: The pressure exerted by the person on the ground is 16666.66666...N/m² or Pa.
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