ants are the small living being we see .they do hardwork in the summer for their food .sometimes we wonder about how the ants go in a line.ofcourse we have to learn punctuality from them.there is nothing to wonder .there are some reasons behind that

1)ants when go in a line,communicate each other by using their pheromones sounds and touch

2)the use of pheromones as chemical signals is more developed in ants.

3)ants perceive smell with their long thin and mobile antennae.

4)their paired antennae provide information and direction of scents or pheromones.

5)ants leave pheromone trails that may be followed by other ants to reach source of food

Ants are small insects which we usually see on roads and sometimes in our house. These creatures live in colonies with one or few queens. Habitat: They are soil creatures and are also very social. Food: they eat dead insects, nectar, honey dew; they usually try to find food that consists of proteins and carbohydrates so that their queen can produce eggs or for the growth of the larvae.  Ants are usually females because males usually don't survive (the queen kill's them).