City dweller: a city dweller might have many luxuries according to his income.
                       he can buy anything and eat his wish.
                       he will have a variety of occupations.
                       he can live as he wants and has no need of working under some                           one else.
                       the life will be advanced and mechanized.
                       good transport facilities
Village man: a village man may not be able to fulfill his own needs because of                             poor income.
                      he may adjust himself to the situations because of any difficulties                            he  might be facing.
                     mostly occupations will be farming and fishing for which they do                              not get more income.
                      if one is a farmer he has to work under any zamindars or                                       land lords  for selling or buying goods from the market as they do not have   that standard.
                     the life will be primitive and traditional.
                     poor transport facilities.
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