A research organization claims that the monthly wages of industrial workers in district X exceeds that of those in district Y by more than Rs 150. Two different samples drawn independently from the two district yielded the following results:
District X: x1 = 648, s12 = 120, and n1 = 100
District Y: x2 = 495, s22 = 140, and n2 = 90
Verify at 0.05 level of significance whether the sample results support the claim of the organization.



test statistics=(x1 bar- x2 bar)(s1^2/n1)(s2^2/n2)
substitute the values and you will get the answer.
I got this answer. please check it.
(x1 bar- x2 bar)(s1^2/n1)(s2^2/n2)
Therefore,Statistics = 285.6