Pakistan day is basically like the republic day of india
there are parades held and the president is also present
after the parade there are awards given
lol sorry.. i gave the answer to the wrong question
                                       LEARNING BY DOing
learning is a continuous process . and in our day to day life we come accross many questions and and we answer many of them .man is a student from his birth and his learning ends only when he dies .a person mother is his first teacher and he comes accros many teachers mainly his life itself is his teacher. we must learn from our lives and in sometimes we also will be teachers of others . we teach and learn day by day and  atlast also a man is not a completed student from his life. and learning by doing is a very good way to grasp eassier and also our brain grasp a visual rather than a paragraph from our note book . if we studied for 2hrs and watched tv for 1/2 hrs the visual covers the brain and causes loss of memmory and the visual will be countinuously revinding. so when our exams are near "We must avoid "watchin tv"(visual with audio) causes more damage.