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developing friendly relationships with other nations.cooperate in solving international,economic,social,cultural and humanitarian promote respect for the human rights and fundamental freedoms.

as we all know the UNO is an international organization of almost 192 member countries of the world and was founded – rather replaced by the League of Nations some 63 years back in October 24,1945 in San Francisco, California, shortly after World War -II. No doubt the tragedy, bloodshed, massacre, hunger and nuclear atrocities by the USA gave alarming feelings to the nations to freeing the world from the possibility of wars in future. However, its successes and failures in achieving this objective are still debatable.The UNO as stated above is a renewed precursor body of the League of Nations. So before reviewing the UNO’s functions, it will be worthwhile to look into the history of the League as the new generation is not much aware of its role.
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