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Yes. insects and crop yielding are related to each other in many ways. the insects can be the factor for less crop yield. the insect will attack the crop in many way. they will bit the leaves and eat the different parts of the plant and so on. they will also reduce the quality of the fruits or the crop. the insects eat the leaves and hence the photosynthesis through leaves will be hard to taken place. to control the attack of the insects, farmers use insecticides which is very harmful for humans. so the attack of the insects will reduce the crop yielding, farmer's profit and also reason for the economic growth 
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sry forget about pollination.
A pollinator is the biotic agent (vector) that moves pollen from the male anthers of a flower to the female stigma of a flower to accomplish fertilization or 'syngamy' of the female gamete in the ovule of the flower by the male gamete from the pollen grain. Though the terms are sometimes confused, a pollinator is different from a pollenizer, which is a plant that is a source of pollen for the pollination process. Anthecology is the scientific study of pollination
 yes bcos insects can feed on crop for food and destroy crops.and even pollination is also another factor