Everything around us is science .... look at the bulbs or CFLs  what are they? the indian scientists launched mangalyan this is also science , the humans are walking in space this is also science, we can talk to anyone at any corner of the earth it is also science.... If now humans are asked to live without science it would just become impossible for us to live without science even for a day ..... but in early age the people were not familiar with science and they lived without gadgets, etc ..... today's generation has been sticked to the science they can't live without mobile phones , air conditioners etc for even a short a time ... so science is a boon as well as a curse it depends on us that how we use it ...
Science has grown and will be growing in future like new robots will be interacting with people , cures for many life taking diseases such as cancer would be possible and many new gadgets would be invented in future 

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Science is our most exciting Future...

If you had to choose something between expensive science and future what would you do?? Both indeed but ypu do not know something about Humans.The most Intelligent species "Human Beings'' depend on science. They are inventing things that our comfortable for them in future.. Everyday there is a science disaster. The days are coming in which Humans will fully depend on science. To make their future comfortable they are destroying it. Once 
all is ruined they will have pity on themselves..but those days are too far to come. Now science is the most useful and succeeding thing in the whole universe..We salute our scientists don't we??...ya we do ....Science=Our FUTURE
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