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Water Pollution, now-a-days is becoming a major matter of concern and must be addressed as quick as possible. Before considering the issue, we must learn about some important details related to this problem..

What is Water Pollution?
Contamination of unwanted materials in water is referred to as water pollution.

What causes Water Pollution?
Mostly, water pollution is caused by the mixing of untreated sewage and other unwanted materials in water bodies. 

How is it harmful?
Water pollution may cause severe water borne diseases like Cholera. Water pollution also affects environmental conditions. Dead fishes, dolphins, birds or crabs are all a result of water pollution

So, What must be done?
We must spread awareness about the effects and causes of water pollution amongst people so that they get to know that contaminating the water is no good. Pamphlets, posters can also help in addressing the issue. Awareness programs, and workshops must be conducted in all schools so that the young future of our country knows about what is happening and what must be done. 

These steps are like the 'first' step we take to climb stairs to reach our destination. We have a long way to go and we must prepare ourselves for it. Making people aware is no rocket science, a little effort and unity put together can do wonders. 

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