Speaker 1;  what do u know about biodiversity have u have u ever heard of it?
speaker 2; yes i have heard of it but i dodnt know what exactly it means can u explain?

speaker 1; it is a science term that tells that there is lot and lot of of different and variation in the environment from organism to organism.
speaker 2; oh i seem to get it now?

speaker 1; u know why i asked u this question ?
speaker 2; to test my knowledge right!!!

speaker 1; not for that to make u understand about it.
speaker 2; y do need to make me understand abt this topic?

speaker 1;because to make u understand the topic and prevent people like u from destroying the vast bio diversity.
speaker 2; y should v stop destroying the bio diversity.

speaker 1; u know even plants and trees are include in this category if destroy it all the animals living in the forest will come to city and oxygen will be diplited and we ill die!!!
speaker 2; ohh thanks for bringing awareness in me ill preach it every where.
pl mark as best