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Six states in India - which are big states - have vidhan parishad - that is legislative council. it is called the upper house of the state -  it is similar to the rajya sabha.

the members are called members of legislative council - MLC.

These members are not directly elected like the legislative assemby. These members are in service for 6 years. Every two years one third of the house complete their terms and a new set of members join.

One third of its members are elected by the local bodies in constitutions : municipal corporation, zilla paridhads, etc
One third of the members are elected by MLAs
one sixth of the members are nominated by the state governor. He will choose famous persons in various fields of arts, science,  literature(writers, poets), films, social workers, experts,

LC has a chairman and a deputy chairman. The chairman acts as the speaker and manages the decisions of the upper house.

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