Stephen hawking who was a great scientist born on jan 8 1942 at oxford in england. his parents were frank and Isobel hawking. in his childhood he is not a bright student but loved to invent new games with his friends.he began to notice some physical problems with his body like slurring in speech, falling down unable to walk etc. the docters reported that he was suffering with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). shortly before this he fell in love with Jane Wild at New Year Party.they  were married in 1965.
after knowing the ground breaking discoveries from another cosmologist Roger Penrose about fate of stars and creation of black holes caught hawking and made him think about them and the beginning of the world. hawking demonstrated  that matter in the form of radiation, can escape the gravitational force of a collapsed star. Hawking radiation was born.
after this hawking became more popular and got many awards and medals like fellow of the Royal Society, Albert Einstein award, Pius XI Gold Medal.
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Stephen hawking was born on 8 janurary1942 to frank and isobel hawking.he was the eldest-one of four sons.his father was a medical researcher with a speciality in tropical diseases 
IMPORTANT EVENTS IN LIFE-early academic life he recognized as a bright studentand in high school years he was third from the bottom of his class.pursuits outside of school he loved board games,constructed a computer out of recycle parts at the age of 16,solved rudimentary mathematics equations.he married jane wilde  he suffered from amyotropic lateral sclerosis.he researched on black holes and he invented hawking radiation.
AWARDS,PRIZES,HONOURS-fellow of the royal society at the age of 32,albert einstein award.

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