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in our modern age the word fashion became popular word to introduce someone .fashion is the important factor of modernizing a country.fashions are of different in different persons fashions are can different in different country.arts are the main source of fashion.the word modern came from the word is also a art it is differ from ancient fashion in ancient what we call art is the same in modern country which is called as fashion. fashion and art are the different words with same meaning fashion is important for modernizing the world.the work done by some people is depend on the fashion. modern culture are the new fashions of  modern country.

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Fashion is something that we deal with everyday, it is the latestest trend of the society which include the clothing system,hair style or even behavior pattern . we are constantly being bombard with new fashion idea from music, videos, books, and internet. movies also have a great importance  in what the people wore. fashion is something that show that ypu are confidence in your appearance.long years back fashion is something which decide the class of the people. it is the fact that help the people to identify wheater the person is a noble, or middle lass or poor is an expression of the person itself and it shows the kay of the person. a person who is well dressed have more preference than a person who is not at all consensus about his style. thus fashion plays a very important role in the life of humans from the past till the modern age 
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