1. Sanction loans for farmers and provide requirements to cultivate crops at low cost. 2. Provide land for landless. 3. Well planned drinage system. 4. Well planned roads which will not be damaged for many years. 5.encourage claen and green programmes. 6.construct public toilets and make people to construct toilets in their houses. 7.aware people about diseases such as HIV, Ebola virus etc,. 8.educate people to protect nature. 9. government should provide a good water facility. 10. All time power supply. 11.create awareness on child education.
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The most important thing to gain in our life is education.Noone can steal our knowledge from us.So according to me the best resourceful plan for our village or locality can be building schools.By this the new generation (children) could learn.In villages building schools should be an important task.People should encourage their children to go to schools not to help them in farms or homes.Specially girls should be educated.Many schemes like midday meal etc should be arranged or planned.

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