Junk food!! in today's world more than half people like is very tasty and we all enjoy eating it.........but it is very dangerous for our health ,it harms our body and effects on our causes many diseases such as -obesity ,heart problems ,stomachache, stop growth and so on.......a child eating only junk food is unhealthy and effects oh his/her growth.
so we should say bye to junk food and start a healthy diet with proteins ,minerals and food that gives us energy .....if we want ourselves healthy....

oh how yummy!!! junk food!!! i know that it is very yummy and tasty as compared to healthy food. we all just enjoy eating this food & wish to have more & more. but as we eat this nobody just thinks what will happen. there are many people dieing and are ill just because of it.

                                      please avoid junk food..

                                      & live a healthy life!!!