According to me, Science sure is the future.
It is the future, that everyone relies on. People also know that science is the future that is why more and more people take up science as their subjects. Cuz, science is the future. Science has made so many developments and improvements in our country. People India, has a lot of calibre but, it is yet to be discovered or is it already discovered? Yep!! It is discovered but due to lack of resources and less income people tend to go to foreign countries as to establish their carriers. So, according to me, Indian govt should focus more on improvement of resources and India could become a superpower due to it's success..!!
Good Morning To All hopefully since you all are having a good day I hope this speech isn't boring

Science is our most exciting Future...

If you had to choose something between expensive science and future what would you do?? Both indeed but ypu do not know something about Humans.The most Intelligent species "Human Beings'' depend on science. They are inventing things that our comfortable for them in future.. Everyday there is a science disaster. The days are coming in which Humans will fully depend on science. To make their future comfortable they are destroying it. Once 
all is ruined they will have pity on themselves..but those days are too far to come. Now science is the most useful and succeeding thing in the whole universe..We salute our scientists don't we??...ya we do ....Science=Our FUTURE Now w eknow ho it works don't we??
                                           Thank You!
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