Centrifugation is the method of separating two things with different densities, by rapidly rotating it in a circular motion which eventually, separates the less dense and more dense matters. It force the less dense matter to come on the surface of the mixture.
Application; > It helps in separating Milk and cream, when rotated rapidly in circular motion. The cream is forced to on the top, leaving milk at the bottom.
Principle: when two matters of different densities are spun around rapidly in circular motion, the less dense particles come up on the top, forcing the more dense particles at the bottom.
Centrifugation is used to seperate contents of mixtures in which the size of solute particles is so small that they easily pass through a filter paper.The principle is that the denser particles are forced to the bottom and the lighter particles stay at the top when the centrifugal machine rotates speedily.
Application:seperation of cream from milk and butter.
squeesing out of water from wet clothes in washing machines.
To test blood and urine.
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