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The most unforgettable moment in my life was when, I saw my little brother for the first time in my life. I was 6 years old that time and I sure remember how it felt to hold a tiny little creature sent from heaven. Such small hands, such a pretty little smile with chubby cheeks!! Oh wow it was like the li'l creature brought down with itself HEAVEN!! It was the most memorable and unforgettable moment in my life. Just wanna re-live that moment. Thanks to god for making me experience what everyone does not!!
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Shaagy in third line it should be in this way yhat is "I am sure"
In third line it should be in this way that is "I am sure I remembered"
See, what you wrote is kinda correct but it's a bit gramatically wrong and if at all it is wrong, thnz for telling!! but to me it seems trivial... :)

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Many moments in my life are pretty unforgettable.One of them includes the horrifying time I've underwent during an earthquake in my place a few months back. It was around 9'o clock in the night and everyone in our house just finished having our dinner and dispersed. I, my mom and my dad were watching TV in the main room and my bro. was busy studying in his room.All of a sudden, my bro. came out asking us in a trembling voice "Is that an earthquake?".He was the first to identify it and later our pet dog started barking. I just stood up on my feet excited as it was the first time for me to face an earthquake. When I stood up and was just waiting for it, I felt something like so hollow deep inside the ground and tender tremors arising from it.I was horrified!! The tremors began to become more precise and I can hear people shouting for help and running out of their houses.That moment was really terrifying. But within a few seconds, the tremors calmed down.Even my levels of terror came down then.We were back to the TV and watched news.The news stated that it was just a mild earthquake and there was no loss of lives.We were happy for that but still I was really frightened.I couldn't come out of that shock for over many minutes.But at last, I just consoled myself saying"It was all over now.Calm down.You are safe.Be thankful to God".And yes, I was, am and will be indeed really thankful to God for putting me on the safe side that day.It was really an unforgettable moment in my life!
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