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As it is rightly said "Every invention has its advantages and its disadvantages"
Now as science and technologies have progressed the inventions of new gadgets have a high demand among all ages especially in the teenagers.
Teenagers and their relationship with elders esp. their parents have been affected to a level which is unimaginable.
I-pads, I-phones, Anroids installed phones, laptops etc have reached the heart and minds of people but have adversely effecting their social relation.
People now-a-days find it easier to sit at home and video chat that meet their friends.
They over-indulge themselves in indoor computer games rather than playing outdoor games and making new friends.
These technical gadgets just do not have a great impact on our relationships but also on our studies, our behavior and our constant mood swings.

The relationship between parents and children have been affected the most as neither of them has time for real communication either of them are busy with their own work.
The children are either busy chatting, or logging themselves in social networking sites, etc. and hence they do not have real time to spare with their family.
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Shranvi,in the eighth line, it should be" have adversly AFFECTED" or, "ARE ADVERSLY AFFECTING" :) But, it is a beautiful essay...
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"Technology is like a bug. Once it bites, it's difficult to find an antidote for it's cure"
Everything in this universe has it's positives and negatives. Technology too has the same. Technology seems to bring people closer becuz they can talk to one another with a single touch. However, this reduces the rate of face to face interactions which is not good. On the other hand, technology helps interact with people on a daily basis but on the verge on not meeting??
So, technical gadgets have both, pros and cons....
And the question remains unanswered "Technology, a boon or a bane?"