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We have to preserve language for preserving the culture that has evolved over thousands of years. There are artistic, political and scientific reasons why we should preserve languages. as language is a medium connecting past with present.
     Our language gives a voice to our cultural identity.
  The endangered languages tell linguists about the links between those languages and other languages. So by preserving them, we may learn more on the history of man and geography. This is the scientific reason.

  We use available language data to study human language faculty and variety in the linguistics.  Artistically, we like to present all old artifacts, like songs, stories, sayings and idioms in all languages. Politically, we need to know if a language is to be given the official language status. Then the languages are not discriminated for being the native language and not national. We have to allow official access to information, media, government services and education in their native languages.
          A language is the most essential feature of a culture and identity of a community. If there is no common language between the elders of the community and their descendents, they cannot pass on their people’s history, systems, moral values, ancestral beliefs, traditional foods, traditional medicines pet or other animals, the ancestral history of their land, or kinship concepts.