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1) If tan2A = cot(A-18degree), where 2A is an acute angle. Find the value of A.
2) Express sin 75degree + cos 65degree in terms of trigonometric ratios of angles between odegree & 45degree.
3) Is it right to say that sin (A+B) = sin A + sin B? Justify your answer.
4) Show that (cosec tita - cot tita)2 = 1-cos tita / 1+cos tita
5) If sec tita + tan tita = p, then what is the value of sec tita - tan tita ?

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1.trigonemetry is based on triangles..what is the sum of angles in  a triangle?
2.find the other angle abc of a triangle whose a=60,b=80,c=?
3.state pythagoras theorem of triangle abc and prove hypotenous square=sum 0f square of other two sides?
5.base angle of isoscles triangle are equal?true or false