Nitrogen is a non reactive gas which has no colour,odour. it constitutes 78% of the  earths atmsophere. it"S atomic number is 7 and wt is 14.
uses:-it is used to make bulb lights they are filled almost in nitrogen
           it is used to make explosives.
            some tyres ar filled with nitrogen.
               it is used for synthesis in for proteins in plants.
              it is used in the formation of laughing gas
              it is used in the production of fertilizers
nitrogen is used for formation nitrogen gas ? what ?
sorry laughing gas

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Nitrogen gas is abundant in the atmosphere around us. It is absorbed by plants to make their food.

Nitrogen is cheaper in using it as inert gas in electric bulbs to shield the filaments. Nitrogen liquid is a good coolant liquid in refrigeration having high specific heat.  Nitrogen gas is used to make laughing gas. It is used as an anesthesia. In welding processes nitrogen is used as a shielding gas to prevent oxygen in air reacting with the welded area.

Nitrogen is also used in packaging (ready made foods like chips) to prevent oxidation of cooked of prepared food.
It is used in aircraft fuel, and airplane tires. Nitrogen (compounds) is used in fertilizers. 

Organic compounds with Nitrogen have a lot of energy that is diffused when detonated. So nitrogen is used in bombs. Nitrogen is used in pharmaceutical drugs and medicines, that regulate blood pressure and heart.

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