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I hope that nobody will be angry with me for answering it but there hasn't been any answer for a long time. 

So, that's how I see it: 

Evolution is basically something more or less random. Over generation one organism is adapting itself to the environmental changes, new dangers and so on. We can e.g. say that humans are evolving because every for the last 60 years or so each new generation scores better in the IQ test. That's a process which cannot in any way be controlled, it's just natural. 

Progress on the other hand is a process caused by the development of global society. We could say that as it changes the environment it's also a factor acting in favour of the evolution. However, we shouldn't say that they are equal as we are those to work every day for, it is not a natural thing. 

That's how I see the problem, yet I'm pretty sure that you could come up with some more valid justifications as well. 


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wow! qba nice answer thanx for it and we really got some valid justifications