Father=My son , I am very impressed with your performance and very happy with your result.
Son=Thank you father. I am also very happy because of your's happiness.
Father=I just want to ask your opinion that what do you want to become.
Son=As you like my dear father.
Father=No it is your career and you should select what you want to become.
Son=In my opinion I want to become a Doctor.
Father=Your choice is best but why you want to become a doctor ?
Son=My only reason to become doctor is to serve my country.To serve my country's peoples.
Father=Ok you can become a future doctor and serve our country and country's people.I am very proud of my son.
Son=Thank you father.
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Father:-hi my dear son  how ur studing
Son:-nice father I keeping more constration on my studies for geeting good marks In ssc
Father:-ok prepare well my dear son 
Son-: ok father
Father-:all the best my dear son 
Son-:thank u