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Forests can be divided into six broad types, with a number of sub types. 
1.Moist tropical (Wet evergreen, Semi-evergreen, Moist deciduous, Littoral and swamp)
2.Dry tropical (Dry deciduous, Thorn, Dry evergreen)
3.Montane sub tropical (Broad leaved, Pine, Dry evergreen)
4.Montane temperate forests  (Wet, Moist, Dry)
5.Alpine (Moist, Dry)
6.Sub alpine
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Forests can be classified into four types Evergreen forests,Deciduos forests and Coniferous forests.

Evergreen forests-These are found in hot and humid equitorial regions.The trees in these forests do not shed their leaves at the same time so they remain evergreen.Trees found here are hardwood trees like-mahogany etc.

Deciduos forests-These are found in monsoon regions of Asia,Africa,Brazil etc.The trees in these kind of forests shed their leaves at same time.Trees growing here are-Teak,sal etc.

Coniferous forests-These are found in north polar regions and regions of higher altitude.Trees grown here are-pine,cedar etc.