Who do you like more: Karna or Arjuna? Support your choice with proper logic.

Abhimanyu was exemplary. There is no one to compare his bravery with!!
I like bheem & arjun when it comes to the epic Mahabharat! :P and yea TY for deleting those plagiarized answers. Correct those people! Well Is it possible if you can be my friend?


Both because Karna is know for his bravery and helping nature 
and Arujun is the devote of lord Krishna 
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that does'nt make any sense
what doesn't make any sense, mam?
it is my personal thinking that if a question is asked for a single choice, you should answer accordingly. And then it's a question for secondary school.
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I  like arjuna because he learnt all types of studies with his guru dronacharya. He  defeated many kingdoms, he is powerful. speaks truth every time and he never gives up.that is the reason i like arjun.
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gd choice...
I was expecting a better answer...