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People in the old times did not have all facilities at all locations like in the modern ages.  So people traveled looking for good site or land for farming and cultivation and settled down at locations convenient for living.

Sites full of greenery and near river banks had been lived. So there is no shortage of water. Mountainous and rocky areas are not suitable for living. So people did not settle much over there. 

People settled near important junctions and historical sites where there are a lot of visitors. At such places trade flourishes and hence people choose such places. Also at important ports along the oceans, people settle down because of trade.

History of a place is important for people to choose it for settlement, as people like to identify themselves with popular and famous places. People get more opportunities over there. So people migrate to such sites.

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The site,situation,history of the place is the main features for the settlement of a place.

the site refers to the characteristic of the place.the site indicates the tropography,altitude,water,types of soil,security,shelter from the natural forces and so on.

situation refers to the set of things that are happening and conditions of that describes the connections with the other places.every place is some of the way or other connected to other places as places do not exist in isolation.if the place is gently slope and used for agriculture and more irrigation facilities then the place is used to settle for the farmers to do their farming.most of the people living in that place depends on agricultural sector.

history of the place is very important to because of the natural hazards .if the place is very famous for shops and other goods to buy then the place is used to do the bussiness.