Take one beakers and fill with water and keep the beaker in the freezer after sometime it freezes into ice at 0 degree celsius it is called as freezing boint.
heat the ice  with bunsen burner keep a thermometer in the beaker.the ice in the beaker changes into water after 4 degree is called as melting point of ice.heat the water for some times and the bubles are formed in the water it is called as boiling point of takes p[lace in 100 degree celsius.
freezing=0 degree celsius
melting=after 4 degree celsius
boiling=100 degree celsius
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Take about 200 ml of water in a 500ml beaker(make sure it is of borosil glass as it doesn't break on heating). Keep it in a fridge with a thermometer in it until it becomes very hard. You will see as water starts turning into ice, the temperature remains constant at 0 degree celsius until all water is converted to ice.(0 degree celsius is the freezing point.) Then take it out and carve out the ice from beaker. Break it into pieces. Then keep it in the beaker and keep a thermometer in it. Make sure the bulb of thermometer should not touch the beaker. It should be immersed in the ice only. The temperature should be less than 0 degree.( Otherwise freeze for some more time.)
Now heat it. As the ice starts melting, the temperature would remain constant at 0 degree until the whole ice is melted into water.(0 degree is the melting point). Keep heating it. The temperature would rise gradually until 100 degree celcius and then it would start boiling.(100 degree celsius is the boiling point point).
If you can freeze water to ice