Problem faced by poors are water problems and food and foodder problems they can be stopted by intaking diffrent methods like.... Buiding water dams and reducing waste by converting it into biogas cober the wells so that evaporation cannot take place
Problems face by the poor are not getting nice food from the ration shops(they are giving the food which is fell down and rotten). In india if we the scenario rich person gets richer, poor person gets poorer where as richer person get nice shelter and his children nice schooling. but where as the poor person cannot get this facilities and a person who is not educated should educate his child he should not allow him to do work at a small age as labourers. now a days drinking water is not pure and safe for drinking but poor persons drink these water and get diseases like cholera, typhoid etc. now a days in increasing population there is also increase in  slum areas. if we clear that slum areas and built a pukka houses it might improve their lifes.  now a days poor people are not getting  jobs in organised sector which has job security but they are getting in ungonaised sector resulting low income and no job security which affects the national income of india.