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Yet another approach to the nation-wide Clean India Action, it seems. I'll do my best to provide you with an exemplary answer which will make it a bit easier for you to write this piece. 

Remember though, it's always cool to inspire yourself with someone else's text, re-use arguments or some expressions. It's really uncool though, when you just take the example as it is and issue it as your essay.
Don't you wanna be cool? ;>

Here goes: 

                                       Clean India, Cleaner Schools
        It would be delightful if we could start off with a simple question, how's education important for us? It might seem surprising to start off like this, at the same time it is the very core of this problem. 

        Education is the future. It is one and only thing in a human life that cannot be taken away from us. Everything a person can own or be given, can also be lost - possessions, friends, job, family, namely - everything is feeble. Everything, but one thing - knowledge. It will most likely save your life at least a couple of times in your life. We gain our knowledge from schools and therefore, it is our responsibility to keep them in great shape. 

        I believe that the ultimate goal of person's life is to become someone, something amazing. To learn throughout your whole life and become the best version of yourself. Having said that, we need to also acknowledge that in many places in the world, India among others, studying conditions are more than questionable. It is our duty to keep schools and classrooms clean, to create environments which support development, not suppression of one's creativity. 

        If we want the humanity to become better, nourish true humane values and stop fighting over unimportant things, we need to educate our kids, let them become people better than ourselves. 


That's all! I hope you liked it and that your piece will be even better thanks to some of my ideas and insights. If you have any questions, drop me a line in comments. 

Cheers m8s!