The parts of eye :

Aqueous Humor - The water bag which keeps our eye wet. 

Choroid - A thin membrance between retina and sclera. 

Ciliary Body - A small part of the eye which joins the iris. 

Conjunctivia - A light layer of mucous membrane in the inner plate of eyelids. 

Cornea - It is a transparent coating over the eye covering the pupil for protection. 

Eyelid - The skin over eye for protecting. 

Iris - the middle circle which is act as a lenses to see.   

The human eye has many parts such as conjunctiva, cornea, choroid, schlera, retina, ciliary muscles, suspensory ligaments, lens, pupil,  iris, optical nerve, aqueous humor, vitrous humor

the light enters the eye through the pupil and gets refracted by the lens. it falls on the yellow spot on the retina and acts like a stimulus to the optic nerve. the optic nerve sends the impulse to the brain(hind brain) and the brain converts the impulses into an image