When i went to a restaurant one day,he left his coat near the door.there was nothing in the pocket of the coat when he left it,so he was very suprised when he took his coat after meal and found the pockets full of jewellery !there was a waiter near the door,so i said to him,'somebody has made a mistake.he has put some jewellery in my coat.take it,and when he comes back,give it to him'.the waiter took it and went away suddenly another man came in with a coat just like me.'i am sorry',said the man 'i made a mistake.i took your coat and you have got mine .please give me my coat and jewellery.'i answered that,'i gave the jewellery to the waiter.he will give it to you.i called the manager of the restaurant;but the manager said,'we have no waiters here.we have only waitresses '.'you gave the jewellery to thief !'shouted the outer man.'i shall send for the police!'i was frightened and paid the man a lot of money for the jewellery.
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